Galexum is focusing on alternative enhanced oil recovery (“EOR”) technologies that provide an alternative to steam injection and hydro fractures. The technology portfolio can be applied both to light crude as well as heavy oil fields – and includes both new as well as mature fields.

The technological roots of Galexum are in Russia, where over the last 15 years, Galexum affiliates have been active to develop chemical binary mixture technologies (BM) for mature oil fields. Over these years, more than 50 small scale and 10 large scale test have been conducted. These tests were mostly in mature fields where only limited workover has been performed to accommodate for the new technology.

Today, Galexum is active in Europe and the Americas. The binary mixture (BM) technology is applied both on Galexum’ own research fields as well as oil fields of third parties. The technology is used both in secondary / tertiary treatments, as well as primary application in heavy fields. Ongoing research is conducted mostly in Russia and the United States.

It is the goal of Galexum to provide the oil and gas industry a portfolio of environmentally friendly enhanced oil recovery technologies. To that end, we are committed to work together with leading universities in the US and Russia.